FEER the game of running blind


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iOS: Sept 18th 2018

Android: Oct 1st 2018



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Mental Home e.U.

Hansjörg Mikesch

Iris Meyer


Westbahnstr. 33 int. 12a

A-1070 Vienna

Austria, Europe

FEER the game of running blind

For the one’s it is a full accessible game with immersive sound atmosphere, that drive you directly into a dystopian world, a lonely forest, with the challenge to avoid Zombies not to get killed. These are the visual impaired.

For the others it is a challenge to collect lights on the run, not to loose their sight. These are the sighted gamers. The neat trick is here, that the scenery gets darker and darker, if you don´t catch up enough fairies.

For both it is a speedy challenge in an immersive atmosphere, with nice retro-style grafics, reminding a bit on the movies of the 30s (Caligari, Metropolis) . A bunch of missions has to be done to raise the score, but gamers get help by little powerballs on the way, that offer an unvincible speed booster, a protection shield, a light doubler and a weapon to shoot at the enemies.

So this game offers for the first time, a state-of-the-art game, that works for visual impaired and sighted gamers. Via a friends list invitations can be sent, and a global board marks the hall of fame worldwide.

Well, the story behind is more a teaser, than a full plot, but maybe they keep it there for now, to have space in an update. Hopefully with more acustic and visual landscapes.


The challenge for the senses
Dense fog will make it hard to see the Zombies. Slide underneath the Ravens and jump over the Zombies, trying to grasp your feet. But save the fairies or you will run blind and have to run in the dark. Only those with the best ears survive in this dark world and can save the fairies’ light.

Powerups will help you
Use the Weapon to shoot the Zombies into pieces. Take the Boost to travel fast forward in high speed. Collect twice the lights with the Light Doubler or use the Shield to protect you from your enemies.

Highscore and Friends List
Post your score to the global Leader board or share it via social media. Invite and add friends to your personal list for group competitions.

Designed for Voiceover
FEER is made from the scratch to be fully accessible with VoiceOver and is the first endless runner for visual impaired and sighted gamers at equal rights. All screens are fully accessible with the screenreader. Use the quick navigation to quickly jump between the headings.


Mental Home e.U.

FEER The Game was developed by Iris Meyer and Hansjörg Mikesch.

Iris Meyer studied computer sciences and philosophy. After her historical thesis about image recognition and computerized emotional detection, she moved directly into the field of coding. She worked for several years in different companies and organizations, coding from webpages, webshops and standalone educational apps.
With the idea of FEER and the new collaboration the step was taken to enter the field of game design.

Hansjörg Mikesch studied Visual Communications and started his career with production design, till he was confronted with the challenge of designing an exhibition in the dark, which became later famous and spread worldwide as „Dialogue in the dark“. Together with Andreas Heinecke he developed and realized many of the early exhibitions. Later returned back to visual design for museums, science exhibitions, theater, film, but never missed the experience of this other world where other things mattered. With FEER the game for both, visual impaired and sighted people at equal rights, a lot of experience from the past goes into the new digital world.

FEER is our first game project




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