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Welcome to your Sonar Islands!

Keep an eye on your gold, expand your islands and protect them with obstacles to make it hard for intruders. Play against other players, explore their islands and try to loot big treasures.

Sonar Islands is the new, fully accessible audio game from the creators of the award winning game FEER – the game of running blind. Available for iOS.

Game Features

  • Sonar Islands Game Logo

    challenging multiplayer game

    Explore and attack numerous islands, all with different and unique gameplay.
  • fully accessible for the blind and visually impaired

    Designed from the scratch to be fully accessible with Apple VoiceOver and Google Talkback.
  • Sonar Islands Audio Game

    Immersive Sound design

    You experience a 3D free accessible open space with a unique atmosphere. Special designed filters make the ambience even better, all for your ears.
  • Compete with your friends and other players

    Try to get to the highest league in the global leaderboard. Attack and revenge an attack on your island. More collaborating features to come.
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    available for iOS and Android

    download it now

Funded by AWS.

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Step by Step - Introduction to the game by Mike Gray from Newdeath Gaming

Latest News about Sonar Islands

Old telephone receiver with opened earphone capsule
Sonar Islands

Life and plans

The Sonar Islands look a bit deserted, and unfortunately they are. We have had plans to integrate more languages, develope new content and experimente with new interface stuff. Besides that, we wanted to sharpen game mechanics and bringing movement into it and rebalance the whole system. But sometimes life has…

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FEER Playscene - ARS Electronica Center Linz
Sonar Islands


( やま大和, english below) 日本語 SONAR ISLANDS、日本語に対応したGAME OF THE DAY 2021の完全版。翻訳に協力してくれたKatsutoshiさんに感謝します。視覚障害者にニュースを広める その代わり、私たちが皆さんにお願いしたいのは、少しの辛抱です。もし、私たちの新しい言語サポートが明確でない場合は、私たちに助けを求めてください。もし何か問題があれば、遠慮なく私たちに連絡してください。 8月末のアップデートで利用可能になります。 english: SONAR ISLANDS, the fully accessible GAME OF THE DAY 2021 now with japanese language support. Thanks to Katsutoshi for his help with the translation. Spread the news to blind. If our new language support lacks some…

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Himalaya mountain chain
Sonar Islands

High, higher, Himalaya

What can you do, when the heat is melting down the whole city and even the nights don’t bring a fresh breeze. You go up the mountains, where temperatures are more moderate. Since travelling with Sonar Islands is so easy, so we decided to take you on a tour to…

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