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Welcome to your Sonar Islands!

Keep an eye on your gold, expand your islands and protect them with obstacles to make it hard for intruders. Play against other players, explore their islands and try to loot big treasures.

Sonar Islands is the new, fully accessible audio game from the creators of the award winning game FEER – the game of running blind. Available for iOS.

Step by Step - Introduction to the game by Mike Gray from Newdeath Gaming

Latest News about Sonar Islands

Lake in the forest with heavy snow on trees
Sonar Islands

Winter Lake

Well, the next months it will get hot in most regions. But don’t move your skates to the basement. With the new theme on the Sonar Islands, you may need them. Enjoy some frigid temperatures while the summer heat knocks on the door outside. Chilling away from the heat is…

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Game Developement, Sonar Islands

Game of the Day

On this years “Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021” Sonar Islands is featured worldwide on Apple Appstore as Game of the Day. Dear community, we all have made it. Today we shine a light to the world with our mission to create “special games for a special audience”. Sonar Islands is…

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Pretty colorful lights
Sonar Islands

Update to the new island

I think this will be one of the shortest posts, we’ve ever done. The new island is out “Vinyl Record” . Find yourself on an rotating record, you have to catch the treasures, that try to jump away and you may step into some music spots, that make you slip…

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