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Keep an eye on your gold, expand your islands and protect them with obstacles to make it hard for intruders. Play against other players, explore their islands and try to loot big treasures. Read more …


futurezone award

futurezone award

Award-winning audio game, fully accessible for the blind and visually impaired. Read more …

futurezone award (Nominee)

Innovative Augmented Reality Board Game with simple rules, but challenging gameplay. Read more …

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Sonar Islands

New islands contest

Well, the obvious, is coming. Yes, we do expand the islands universe with new islands. While sorting out all our ideas on which new island to prototype, the idea came up to ask you all…

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Sonar Islands

Weekend on the island

You must have been sleeping under a rock the last 14 days, if you have not heard about the SONAR ISLANDS. The most asked destination for the weekend. This immersive game fills your ears with…

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