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“Ocean Eye” is an escape game of a different kind. Instead of breaking out, the task is to open the mobile laboratory. With each solution step, the Escape Box opens up new perspectives and challenges of the SDG’s , which are best solved in a team and creatively.

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Keep an eye on your gold, expand your islands and protect them with obstacles to make it hard for intruders. Play against other players, explore their islands and try to loot big treasures. Read more …


futurezone award

futurezone award

Award-winning audio game, fully accessible for the blind and visually impaired. Read more …

futurezone award (Nominee)

Innovative Augmented Reality Board Game with simple rules, but challenging gameplay. Read more …

PODCAST by Mike Gray

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Sonar Islands

The Monastery

The new island is ment to prepare you all for the silent season to come. Inner sights and thoughts will be the goal on this island. But it would not be Sonar Island, if there…

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Game Developement


Besides our great desire for games for the ears, we have cooperated in another project regarding another favorite challenge. To save the planet. Along with the Science-Center-Netzwerk we have developed a very special escape scenario…

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