more reality on (the) board

Connected in a local network up to four friends play based on the simple rules of Connect4. What makes the game are the set of stones. Every player shares the half of its stones with another player, for good or bad, this offers more chances to win.

Game Features

  • ForFour AR mobile board game

    virtual board game

    with simple rules, but challenging gameplay
  • ForFour AR Spiel Logo

    multiplayer – up to four players

    connect via a local wireless network
  • ForFour AR play with Augmented Reality

    with AR (on supported devices)

    look carefully and inspect all possible moves
  • ForFour local Multiplayer Game

    If you miss a player, don´t worry

    you can play against AI players too,
 adapting to your skills and progress
  • Download on the App Store

    available for iOS and Android

    download now for free