First Gameplay, what to do?

If you start the game for the first time, you will find a tutorial, packed with the story and the basic orientation in the game. Please do yourself a favour and play it, a lot of upcoming questions are explained there.

After the tutorial you will play your first game, which ends with unlocking the first mission set.

How to play FEER in the Forest?

In FEER you are running through an endless forest. The objective is, to run as far as possible, while avoiding different enemies:


The zombies in their graves try to grasp your feet with their hands. Jump over them, to escape them. Swipe with one finger up to jump.


The Ravens want to pick out your eyes. Slide underneath them, to survive them. Swipe with one finger down to slide.


Avoid the zombies or they will eat you. Swipe with one finger left to change to the lane on your left or swipe to the right to change to the lane on your right.

Don’t forget, that there are only three lanes: a left, center and right lane. You always start running on the center lane, if you start a new game.

What is the objective of FEER?

The main objective of FEER is, to be the best runner in this endless world and fulfill all missions and get the highest possible score.

What are missions and quests?

After you’ve played you first game, you unlock the first mission. Each mission consists of three quests, that you need to complete in order to finish the mission and progress to next level.

There are different kind of quests: one time you need to jump a certain time, another time you need to survive a certain amount of zombies, etc. The higher your level, the more difficult are the missions. But don’t worry, if you are stuck at a certain quest, you can also skip it.

Basically there are two types of quests: those, that you need to complete in one single run, and those, that can be completed in multiple runs:

“Single Run” Quests

These quests need to be completed in one single run. For example, if you need to collect 50 Lights, but you only collected 30, then you have to start over from 0 at the next run. 

“In Total” Quests

In these quests, your progress is saved during multiple runs. So if you have to collect 50 Lights, and you collected 30 in one run, then there are now only 20 lights remaining for the next run(s).

If you don’t understand a certain quest, please feel free to contact us.

Powerups, what are they good for?

There are four different powerups, that can be found while running through the forest. Just run through them, to collect them and activate their special abilities.  

If you collect a powerup, it gets activated. All powerups have a unique sound and last for a certain time. Listen carefully to this sound, because if it stops, the powerup is no longer active and you are returning to the normal game mode. You can increase the time of the powerups by upgrading them through the game menu.


This powerup boosts you forward. During boosting you are invincible, so you get a little break from avoiding all those enemies. 


The Shield protects you from your enemies. If you run into an enemy while the shield is active, you won’t be killed, but the shield is destroyed and you are immediately returning to normal game mode.

Light Doubler

While the Light Doubler is active, all lights that you collect count twice. 


If you collect the shuriken you can shoot the Zombies by tapping with one finger on the screen. The weapon only destroys Zombies – no Ravens and no Hands!

Theme Factory

How to play FEER in the Factory?

With the new factory theme, we have robots, that try to kill you from every direction. Tiny little ones, that cut wholes in the floor, bigger ones, that come infront of you, detecting you with sensors, cranes with heavy load try to smash you from above.

How to cross the bridges in the factory?

Before each bridge you will find a metal grid over all 3 lanes. Change lanes quickly, does one lane sound different?


How do I have to hold the phone to play FEER?

FEER is played in landscape mode (portrait mode is not supported), so you have to hold your phone in landscape mode to play it. Unless you didn’t lock your phone’s orientation mode, it doesn’t matter if the home button is on the right or left side.

The game turns around 180 degrees, what can I do?

If you hold your device in a very planar way (glas-side horizontal), it can flip 180 degrees from one to the other landscape orientation.

You can turn off the automatic screen rotation in your device’s settings.

iOS - Why is Voice Over not working?

VoiceOver works by itself, only if you have turned it on, before you run the game. During game launch we check, if Voice Over is on. If problems remain, you have to close the game and make sure, that it isn’t running in the background. Then turn Voice Over on and open the game again.

Android - How to play with Talkback?

To turn on the screen reader in the game, TalkBack must be turned on, but suspended.

If TalkBack was turned off while launching the game, please close the game and make sure it isn’t running in the background. First turn on TalkBack, then suspend it and finally launch the game again.

If you have forgotten to suspend TalkBack while launching the game, close the game, suspend TalkBack and launch the game again.

Highscore & Friends Board

Where can I find the global highscore board?

In the game menu go to Highscore. There you can see the friends board as well as the global leaderboard, just click on the preferred menu item.

Detailed instructions for Screenreader Users

Navigate in the main menu to Highscore and double-tap to open it. By default the Friends Board opens. Navigate through it till you come again to the menu: the first item is “Back to main menu”, the next item “Friends” and the third one “Global”. Double tapping on the “Global” Button brings you to the global highscore board, where you can see the Top 100 Players worldwide.

How does the friends board work?

The friends board allows you to connect to your friends and compete with them. On the beginning it is empty, because you haven’t added any friends yet. 

How to add a friend?

Open the friends board (in the main menu go to highscore and then to friends). There you will find the button “Add a friend”. Tapping this button brings up a native share dialog. Depending on the apps you have installed on your device you can now select an app – for example sms, email, whatsapp etc. – and send an invitation code to your friend.

Your friend will be added to your friends board, when she/he accepts you invitation and clicks on the link that you have sent her/him.

What should I do, when I receive a "Be my friend"-Message?

Receiving this message means, that the person, who sent you this message, wants to connect with you on FEER. If you have FEER already installed you can accept this invitation by tapping on the link in the message.

Tapping the link launches FEER. You may be asked, if you allow to open this link in FEER. Please confirm.

If you have already registered to our leaderboard, you should now see your friend in the friends board. Congratulations, you are now successfully connected with your friend!

If you haven’t submitted a username, you will first been asked to submit one. After registering to our leaderboard, please click on the link in the message again, that you have received from your friend, to connect with her or him.


I found a bug / error in the game, what should I do?

If you find a bug or an error please contact us, so that we can fix it.

If you report the bug, please provide as much information as possible: what error has happened, when did it occur, what have you done before until you got the error, … The more details we have, the easier we can reproduce the error and fix it.

I lost my progress, can I restore it?

Unfortunately, if you lost your progress, we can’t restore it, because all your progress ist stored locally on your device.

How to start the game from the beginning?

You can start a brandnew game by deleting it from your device and reinstall it. But be aware, scores are gone and the username too. The username remains still in the highscore table, but abandonded. You cannot regain your old username in a new game.

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