The rules are simple. Place 4 stones of yours on the board, so they are connected in a line, regardless of the orientation (straight, diagonal in all three dimensions).

ForFour plays with a different set of stones, each player receives a combination of 2 type of stones (e.g. white and black cubes). Every type is shared with another player. And every player has a different goal to win: 4 white, 4 black, 4 cubes or 4 spheres. That makes the game tricky and fascinating.

AI players can be added, if you miss one or two players. They act like decent companions and adjust their skills to yours. So the better you get, the more powerful your AI opponents will become.


Up to 4 players can join a game. All devices must be logged into the same local wireless network. One player has to create a game (Multiplayer > Create game). While searching for players is active, all other players can join the game. If you are less than 4 players, the game creator must select an AI player to start the game.

Make sure, that you and your friends are all in the same local wifi network and one person has created a game. Then join the game (Mulitplayer > Join Game).

If this isn't working, try to manually connect to the host by entering the IP-address (Multiplayer > manually enter IP) which is shown on the host's device.

Please note, if you've created a local wifi hotspot with your phone, only the person who has created the hotspot can host, i.e. create a game.

The game is designed to be played near your friends or family, to allow communication, fun and action. Therefore remote play is not possible.


In single player mode automatically 3 opponents are set to AI players. That offers you the chance to practice and explore the game, till you have your friends or family to play against each other.

Store Options

After installing the game, we give you a credit of 10 games to explore it and try it out. You can do this in single- or multiplayer mode. For getting the trial games you have to have an active account on either GameCenter (iOS) or Play Services (Android) and login to that.

You can add a credit of 10 games, as often as you want. This purchase is referred as consumable, so it is not restorable nor refundable. We strongly recommend to connect ForFour AR with either GameCenter (iOS) or Play Services (Android) to sync & backup your game's data.

This option offers you unlimited gameplay.

If you have already purchased the Full Version you can restore it buy clicking on this button (iOS only). On Android purchases are restored automatically when launching the game.


Go to Options > Help & FAQs and press Rules and Tutorial. The Tutorial will start again.

In the settings menu you can enter or correct your player name, change languages and turn the sound effects on and off.

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