How to navigate on an island

On an island, you make one step forward by tapping with one finger on the screen center. To step backwards swipe down with one finger.

Three types to rotate your character are available. Please go the the Settings Menu for more information and change your preferred way to rotate the character.

To open and close the compass tap with one finger on the screen and hold, until the compass opens or closes.

If an island offers a special actions, like a shield, a torch or a stun gun, you can activate them by swiping up with one finger.

How to fortify your island

On your island you can have up to 3 treasure chests. But you have to fortify your island, not to get them stolen all the time. Therefore are the obstacles. On every island you can choose 2 different items and upgrade them. It is part of your strategy, which you prefer.

How to attack an island

With the attack button you can go to other player’s islands and loot their gold. There are up to 3 treasure chests to find within a time limit of 3 minutes. Then you need to find the exit portal to bring you back home. At the beginning it is adviseable just to take one or two treasure chests and then go for the exit. Better less gold, than nothing.

What is the difference beetween the different types of rotations?

Three different types of rotation you can use.

If you select “Twist 2 Finger” you rotate your character by putting two fingers on the screen and move them in circles.

“Swipe left/right” means, that you have to swipe with one finger on the screen either left or right in order to rotate your character. Your character keeps rotating until you lift your finger.

If you turn on the “Gyroscope” you rotate the character by physically rotating your phone. Works best in upright position of your phone (only on supported devices ).

Portrait or landscape mode?

For best experience please use portrait mode, this way all inputs are recognized properly and also if you use gyroscope rotation works better.

How to play on the FunFair island?

On FunFair things are different. Toys coming towards you, that hold an invisible treasures or a bombs in their chests. If you shoot them, they burst and reveal their secret, treasure or bomb. That means also, Compass works only after all toys destroyed. Also no need to find the exit, you’ll be picked up, when all treasures are found. So it is an all or nothing game.

The Tribes

How can I found a tribe?

To create a tribe, tap on “Tribe” in the menu and then select the option “Create tribe”.
Now enter a name for the tribe and a short description of the tribe and set the primary chat language and tribe region. To regulate tribe access, you have the following options: “open to all”, “only on request” and “closed”.

“Open to all” means that anyone can join the tribe. “On request only” means players must send a request to the tribe to be accepted. “Closed tribe” means that the tribe does not accept any members.
All settings can be changed later. Founding a tribe costs 5000 gold.

How can I search for a tribe?

To search for a tribe, tap on “Tribe” in the menu and then select the option “Search tribe”. Tribes in your language will automatically be displayed for you to join.

If no tribes are suggested to you or if you want to search for other tribes specifically, you can select the option “Advanced search”. Please note that the search results will only show tribes that you can join. Tribes that are already full or have selected “closed” as the tribe access will not be shown in the search results.

How can I join a tribe?

To join a tribe, tap on “Tribe” in the menu and then select the option “Search tribe”. Select a tribe from the suggested tribe recommendations and tap on it to get more information about the tribe and its members. Use the Advanced Search option to customise the search results.

Once you have found a tribe you would like to join, tap on the tribe and select the option “Join tribe”. If the tribe is “open to all” you will immediately be accepted into the tribe. If the tribe access is “on request only”, a request is sent to the tribe and you have to wait until it is accepted by the tribe chief or a tribe elder. You can find your open tribal requests in the menu under “Tribe”. As soon as your request is accepted by a tribe, you will be automatically notified.

You can only join one tribe at a time.

How do I get other players to join my tribe?

It makes sense to check if your tribe is easy to find for players. Make sure your tribe access is set to “open to all” or “by request only” so that your tribe is listed in the search results at all. It can also help to set the tribe region to “International” to attract more players from all over the world. As a chief, you can edit the tribe settings by tapping on “Tribe” in the menu, then on “Members” and then selecting the “Edit” option.

In addition, each member can invite friends and acquaintances specifically. To do this, tap on “Tribe” in the menu, then on “Members” and then select the option “Invite new members”. You can now send an invitation to your friends and acquaintances.

What do the member roles in a tribe mean?

Tribes can have up to 10 members, who can be given three specific ranks. Depending on the rank, members in the tribe can perform different actions.

When you join a tribe for the first time or join again, you automatically receive the rank of member.

As an elder you have more rights than a member, but less than the tribe chief.

Elders can:
Accept or reject membership requests
Promote members to elders
kick members out of the tribe

The chief of a tribe has the most responsibility and can make the most decisions. If you found a tribe, you are automatically the chief of that tribe.

Chiefs can:
Change the tribe description
Accept or reject membership requests
Promote members to elders
kick members or elders out of the tribe
appoint an elder as chief (in which case, the chief is demoted to elder and an elder is made chief)

How can I change the tribe settings?

Only the chief can change the tribe setting. Tap on “Tribe” in the menu, then on “Members” and then select the option “Edit”.
You can now change the tribe name, tribe description, primary chat language, tribe region and tribe access. Don’t forget to tap on “Save” to save the changes.

How can I change the role of a member?

Tap on “Tribe” in the menu, then on “Members” and then tap on the player whose role you want to change. Elders can change the role of members, the chief can change the role of elders and members. Members cannot change the role of another player.

Promote wisely
The higher members are in the hierarchy, the more power they have. If they are not up to their role or do not take it seriously, this could have a negative impact on your tribe. For example, elders can kick all members out of the tribe. Therefore, be careful when giving out ranks and only promote members you know and trust.

What to do in case of misconduct by a member?

If your tribal access is “Open to all”, as a chief you may want to consider changing this to “On request only” or “Closed”. This way you can better control who joins your tribe.

You also have the option of kicking players out of the tribe. Players who have been kicked out of the tribe can only rejoin the tribe after 24 hours. If a request to join is rejected, the player must also wait 24 hours before making a new request. We hope this will discourage offending players from harassing tribes.

Another option open to all players is to report the player. To do this, tap on the offending player and select the “Report Player” option. You can report a player for one of the following reasons:
Offensive comments (swearing, slurs, hurtful comments about ethnicity or race, or inappropriate comments).
Threatening others
Asking for or giving out personal information or log-in details.

The reported player will be temporarily banned from the chat. Please note that making a false accusation may result in a ban for yourself.

Someone has thrown members out of our tribe, what can we do?

If someone has thrown members out of the tribe, there is not much you can do about it afterwards. Players with a higher rank in the tribe may kick out players with a lower rank. Elders can kick out members, the chief can kick out elders and members. Unfortunately, we cannot add ejected tribe members back to your tribe.

The best way to avoid such situations is to be careful when promoting and only promote members you know and trust.

Subscription and Purchases

Restore Purchases

After successfully purchasing a auto-renewable subscription, you will be granted full access to all islands. You can see it by the fact that the subscription window does not appear anymore.

“Restore Purchases” is not an order confirmation or a statement of your subscription. Subscriptions can only be viewed and managed in your AppleID account. Restore Purchases is only to be used for transferring to other IOS devices.


iOS - How turn on / off the Screenreader?

If you start the game with VoiceOver turned on, the Screenreader is automatically enabled.

The enabled state gets saved, so if you open the game the next time, the Screenreader is automatically turned on – even if you open the game without VoiceOver turned on.

To disable the Screenreader go to the Settings Menu and disable it.

Android - How to turn on / off the Scrennreader?

If you start the game with Talkback turned on, the Screenreader is automatically enabled.

After launching the game with Talkback turned on, you have to suspend Talkback in order to play the game.

The enabled state gets saved, so if you open the game the next time, the Screenreader is automatically turned on – even if you open the game without Talkback turned on.

To disable the Screenreader go to the Settings Menu and disable it.

How to navigate the menu with the Screenreader?

The menu consists of three areas:

  1. The upper status area, which displays your username or gold, for example, and is visible in the entire menu;
  2. The menu area with the respective menu options;
  3. A lower area, which is only displayed in sub-menus and allows you to navigate back one level.

You can quickly navigate between these areas by swiping up or down. To navigate between single items, swipe left or right. Double tap to activate an item.

Sonar Islands also supports “direct touch”. On iOS please make sure that you have enabled “direct touch” in the rotor.

Troubleshooting - Known Bugs

VoiceOver only says "direct touch area"

Since IOS 14 direct touch is not enabled automatically. You have to open the game, then in the rotor menu choose “direct touch” and swipe up or down to  activate it.

I found a bug / error in the game, what should I do?

If you find a bug or an error please contact us, so that we can fix it.

If you report the bug, please provide as much information as possible: what error has happened, when did it occur, what have you done before until you got the error, … The more details we have, the easier we can reproduce the error and fix it.

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