After a long grace period, we are back with a new island. And we did not want to come back just with a new island, we’d like it to be a special one.

For thousands of years, mankind has lived on this beautiful blue and green planet without any major worries. So we wanted to have an island that shows the new challenge for the next decades for everybody. Will it be heaven or will it be hell?

When you arrive on this island, it feels dusty, empty and lonely. Walk around to find a switch. When you step onto it, everything turns into a paradise. Singing birds, lots of fresh greenery, bright sunshine, and all the treasures are visible in the compass.

But nothing last forever and you will fall back into loneliness. So find another switch to turn everything back into paradise. As time passes and you level up, this will become increasingly more difficult. Like on Earth, if we don’t act, it will become even more difficult.

So let’s treat our planet with love and respect. It is the only one we have. And here is the preview. Enjoy!

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Édgar López Rendón · 11. March 2024 at 8:23

Hello!I am very pleased to know that they are back, since this is a great game and many friends of mine and it has given us dozens of hours of fun.For a long time I played the game in iOS, but now I have to play it on Android, just that I would like to ask them what is happening, since in my device it tells me that the game is not compatible, although I have a motorola motorola Moto G84Put for sale last year and with the version of Android 13. If I enter the Google Play Store I cannot find it, and if I try to download it by means of a direct link then it appears that this app is not compatible with my device.I hope they tell me what happens and how I can solve it.

    Hansjörg · 11. March 2024 at 8:52

    The thing with Android is, we don’t know, why some phones cannot install it, there are over 5000 different smartphones out, running on android with different OSs. Since we cannot look into them all, we cannot help you. We are sorry, but this exceeds our capabilities. If you have the chance to switch back to IOS, do so.

dark · 16. March 2024 at 23:15


Really glad to see work is going on in the game and that you’ve launched a new island, though I’ve got a few more islands to unlock myself before I reach it.

I emailed a few months ago in December of 23, asking about the events you’ve previously had.

It would be great to be able to play them, either for extra gold, or just for fun.
I was wondering if there were any plans to make them available in the game, either running them on new months, or just in some sort of separate minigames arcade (perhaps players could collect tokens on their own islands), in order to play them).

Looking forward to seeing new features in the game, as I’ve always loved the sound design and interesting take on audio navigation.

    Hansjörg · 17. March 2024 at 11:37

    Hello Dark,
    Thx for writing. We have now updated the game, a lot of unpleasant backyard stuff, to be up to date. Please give us a little more time to brush up the front of our house.

Dark · 31. March 2024 at 18:12


Really nice to see the mine truck riding event back again, hope other events will be appearing more regularly these days, since not only are the events themselves fun, but it also gives a good reason to check your own islands when you’re out of attacks.

Again, great to see regular development and updates again!

Marc Hoffmann · 4. April 2024 at 17:25

Just subscribed for the mine event. It’s nice yall are being back. Personally I’d really upgrate tribe options, maybe having a shared treasureroom which you can explore, or an island players can build they’re own little custom things onto for presets, just something that contributes positively to gameplay. Also, I still think we should have a motorboat island, or maybe even an event where you need to get a boat, and then ride through the waves, escaping to the left and wright, while collecting treasures, and when you pass them, it’s to late. So maybe not a minute time based island, rather speed the higher level you go

    Hansjörg · 4. April 2024 at 18:15

    thx for the ideas, i like the motorboat idea most.

      Marc Hoffmann · 11. April 2024 at 15:32

      Glad you like the idea, in fact, around the time of winter lake, I was sending you guys a mail about a similar idea, though that was in german. Speaking of which, wasn’t there this contest on the site once about island types people should suggest that you’d implement, which we’ve actually never seen? Also. Either way I think the tribe needs more pro’s to be worth having, and the chat keyboard should just be the normal iOS one, not this unity stuff which is barely usable. Really that would be appreciated.

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