What can you do, when the heat is melting down the whole city and even the nights don’t bring a fresh breeze. You go up the mountains, where temperatures are more moderate. Since travelling with Sonar Islands is so easy, so we decided to take you on a tour to the roof of the world.

The new island is a cool trip to the Himalayian Mountains. Everything is packed for hunting the treasures in the highest region on earth. Ropes, hooks, ice axes, helmets, mountain boots oxygen, sunglasses, skin protection creams, everything must be in the backpack.

On this island you can expect very high mountains. Climb them slowly, be guided by icy wind and hidden crevasses, that bring sudden death, without any sign. And not forget the Yetis, those legendary creature no one has seen before. One trick not to be their next meal is, do not move, when they are near. Yetis have a low vision, so they orientate by sniffing around and noises. If you do not move, they will pass by. The treasures are a little higher up on this island, but we are sure you’ ll find them.

Expect the island at the end of august with the next update.

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