But don’t think it’s only nice up there. On the Treetop Island, despite the view over a sea of green, you have to deal with wind and mosquitos. While balancing high above ground, you will be annoyed by swarms of mosquitos, trying to bite you. A quick swipe up offers the only chance to protect you with an audio shield. It works with high frequency waves, you cannot hear, but the mosquitos don’t like them at all.

That was just a quick walkthrough the island. Against the wind whistling in your ears, the risk you step too far, we have no solution to protect you. Also the rustling of the leaves makes it hard to hear the treasures.

There we can help. If you tap and hold a finger on the screen center, you invoke the compass. All necessary elements, like treasures and exit you hear from their direction with a beeping sound, raising an lowering.

Hope you did get an idea of our best navigation tool for all islands.

In a recap, we have discussed in this blog, nearly all islands, we have introduced the compass, the protection and the weapons. If you got questions, just post them.

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Asmodius · 7. February 2021 at 8:25

When will this game be released and can I play a beta version using TestFlight?

    Hansjörg · 8. February 2021 at 10:24

    Thank your for contacting us, the game will be released in march 2021. A call for betatesters will be available soon.

      Asmodeus · 18. February 2021 at 4:45

      How do I sign up to beta test this game? I am really excited and don’t want to wait until March to try it out also I love beta testing accessible games!

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