You could say it was a matter of time before the zombies would also claim their island on the Sonar Islands. Despite fierce resistance, many of our players stabbed us in the back and wanted the zombies back in the game.

To keep them species-appropriate, we settled them in an abandoned graveyard. Put on good shoes, the ground is very muddy and it actually rains most of the time.

However, the zombies have become a bit more clever. They hid the treasures in their graves. To find them you have to find the graves on the islands, as soon as you stand on them, you hear the familiar ringing of the gold pieces. If you don’t hear it, we advise you to move on quickly, the empty graves will collapse and you will have become the prey of the hungry zombies.

And here is a little sample:

The zombies themselves will come out of the water towards you. Aim well so that you can hit them safely before they eat you. You can shoot them, as usual, with a simple swipe up.

We wish you a lot of fun with old friends and look forward to a hot autumn with lots of new features for Sonar Islands. If we all are lucky, the graveyard will arrive with the new update in a week.

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ashleygrobler04 · 28. August 2021 at 8:17

sounds awesome. can’t wait

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