After a small break for christmas, dedicated to our families and loved ones, we return to our project and like to share a gift with you.

The third preview of SONAR ISLANDS is a little different. Likewise the island itself. After exploring and designing your island and attack the islands of your co-players, a little recreation is mandatory.

You will find yourself on a fun fair. Between cotton candy and carnival rides, little toys come towards you from all directions and you have to shoot them. Listen carefully, some carry a treasure, some carry a unpleasant surprise. But we are sure, you can differentiate the treasure and the bombs.

But for christmas we have defused the bombs, so you can visit the fun fair savely. In the real game better avoid the bombs falling out.

All the best for you in 2021, where SONAR ISLANDS is going to be released. Follow us on the social networks and share the news to your friends.

Funded by “AWS Impulse XS” of the BMDW, administrated by AWS.

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