The new year episode of previews deals, as the title already suggested, with the volcano island. The lack of warm climate in winter indicates to heat up little. And you can feel it on the island.

Maybe it is a little hard to walk, because of its stones everywhere, but close to the lava flows it is getting pretty warm, not to say burning hot.

But less talking, here is the preview

As you might have detected, in this preview also the compass mode is introduced. One of the main navigation helpers. Its is invoked by holding a finger on the screen, till it appears. Like a parabol antenna you can turn around and hear all treasures hidden on the island.

And of course you can hear the exit. With the pockets full of gold you have to return home safely through the exit point, to be picked up.

And with every step of previews, we come closer to the final tests and an upcoming release. So be with us and tell the good news to everyone. You can also post your questions here. See you soon.

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