Now we are going to get serious. Have you ever dreamed about tropical islands, hot vulcano’s, ancient temples or a fun fair. No need to go out. Just apply for our beta-test and we take you to the most beautiful islands.

We are looking for 20 up to 40 Beta-testers around the globe. Tester must be fit in using smartphones and have experience in playing games. We offer the game in 5 languages, english, german, spanish, italian and french.

SONAR ISLANDS is a turnbased multiplayer game, means you play in a crowd of other gamers, regardless of time-zone and language your island profile is always online.

What we want our tester to do ?

We want them to fill out a little questionaire. Out of that we choose testers from different continents and mother tongues. The game can be played in 5 languages, but the communication must be english.

These testers we offer to download the game, and like you to follow all steps through the tutorial and play on. Every time you feel unsecure with a step or you find a bug or you don´t know, what to do now ( not personally, but in the game) you have to contact us.

In between we can stop every player remotely to answer some questions. For your understanding, due to the ongoing pandemic, our alpha tests person to person were very limited, so we need to enhance the personal contact in this beta-test. And please be honest in answering our questions, it is for the sake of all other gamers and the quality of the game.

The gameplay is easy, you get first one island, which you have to protect. And the opportunity to attack other player’s islands to get their gold. With the time you get more islands, all a little different in atmosphere and gameplay.

Test will start approximately at the end of february 2021. Applications are welcome via Google Survey with the following link.

Funded by “AWS Impulse XS” of the BMDW, administrated by AWS.

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David barry · 21. February 2021 at 0:00

Can you please tell me more this sounds amazing we have a wee vi gaming group might help too

    Hansjörg · 22. February 2021 at 9:55

    Hello David, our games are made for smartphones, so if you want to play there, you are welcome

Ming · 22. February 2021 at 4:32

I hope and can play this game very soon

Asmodius · 22. February 2021 at 14:54

I want to test this game

Ming · 22. February 2021 at 15:11

I hope I can test the game

Thiago · 22. February 2021 at 22:12

When will beta testers be contacted? I am looking forward to trying to suggest hideas and find bugs if there are any!

Sasha Stride · 23. February 2021 at 14:53

I love games and would really love to betatest it because Feer is awesome and I think this game is too and I love betatesting and will get the game in marsh.

William · 24. February 2021 at 2:10

When this game comes out, do you have an idea of what the price will be if any to buy it? Just asking so I can budget it in. I look forward to playing this game!

Asmodius · 4. March 2021 at 11:59

When will it be released?

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