Well, the obvious, is coming. Yes, we do expand the islands universe with new islands.

While sorting out all our ideas on which new island to prototype, the idea came up to ask you all what islands you would like to have. So we invite all players to write us their ideas, what is your biggest wish for a future island. We are looking forward to your ideas, but please understand, there is no guarantee that they will or can be implemented.

From your ideas we will choose the best 3. As a prize, the top 3 will get the chance to invite a new player with a free month including 100 diamonds.

Please send your ideas by mail to info@mentalhome.eu

And now the required legal declaration:

  1. by participating and submitting a new island idea, you confirm that you agree with these sweepstakes terms and conditions.
  2. natural persons over 18 years of age are eligible to participate.
  3. the legal process is excluded.
  4. the winners will be determined non-publicly after the closing date for entries. cash payment, payment in kind or exchange of the prize or an assignment of the prize is not possible, the prize is therefore not transferable.
  5. no liability will be accepted for entries which are not delivered for technical reasons or which are sent in late or incomprehensible.
  6. the winners agree to be publicly named and their idea will be published.
  7. closing date for entries is 10 May 2021.

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Ming · 4. May 2021 at 16:22

I want to have zombie islands or monstor islands. something we can fighting for or battling and shooting.

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