First of all, we would like to thank all players who sent us their ideas for new Sonar Islands. There were a lot of amazing ideas and we don’t know if we can implement them all.
Many ideas also coincided with our ideas for new islands, some ideas are so new and different that we will take some time to check them more closely and see how we can integrate them.

But enough of words, here are the winners:

Sandra Grenzer for her island idea of sirens,
Lars Karlstroem for his idea of a music island,
Daniel Mayr for his island idea “Post Office” with conveyor belts,
Dominik Schubert for his idea for an ice desert.

Yes, we decided to add one more prize, to value all special ideas, we received. The winners will be notified per email, please let us know, who they would like to invite with their prize.

And there is also good news for all players. The new island “Vinyl Record” will come with the update in the next days. Next will be a winter ice island, which many players have asked for.

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Raúl Valdez · 16. May 2021 at 2:36

First of all, congratulations to the winners.
I can see that they are pretty great ideas.
Hopefully we will have those island soon enough.

Now, congratulations to the developers of this fabulous game.
You guys are doing an awesome job.
Thank you for the new upcoming island.
Thanks for all the effort and sacrifice you guys are putting into this game.
I, for one, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Raúl Valdez

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