In this sneak preview of SONAR ISLANDS, we’d like to give you an impression of the second island, the Jungle. A jungle full of flora and fauna, like in this recording sample from the center of Africa will show you.

Can you count the animals separately? We did not make it. Together with many other recordings, we made up our jungle, as rich and juicy, as you may like it.

While you listen to the birds and bee’s, your enemy, that protects the jungle island has already detected you. A lion. The roaring is still far enough, so you can decide to pick the treasure.

On the way to the exit, you make too much noise, stepping on twigs, that brings him on your track. For good, the exit is near, so you can escape.

There are still some treasures you missed this time, but there are also other obstacles, you did evade. But that will be part of the game.

Hope you all like our previews. Leave comments and questions right below and stay safe for the next preview to come.

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