You must have been sleeping under a rock the last 14 days, if you have not heard about the SONAR ISLANDS. The most asked destination for the weekend. This immersive game fills your ears with paradise.

Visit the ancient temple of wisdom, explore the jungle and watch out for lions, dance on the volcano, meet friendly robots, climb up in the treetops of the rainforest.

Sounds amazing. Nearly 2000 gamers from all over the world have already downloaded this adventure and enjoyed their gaming weekend trip.

Pack your bags, put on your headphones and listen to some samples, while waiting for the game download and take you off:

to the ancient temple:

or to some fun at a fairground:

or on a jungle tour, watching lions:

download for IOS (Android release in Q3):

Download on the App Store
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joseph weakland · 30. April 2021 at 21:43

the sound demo you did was awesome

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