In the very busy machine hall we’d like to introduce some wellknown friends for all FEER players. We have asked the little robots to help us with construction of SONAR ISLANDS to speed up the developement and they gladly accepted to be on our team.

While you are searching the treasures, don’t cross the way of the robots and their saws. Their sensors detect every human lifeform and don’t play nicely with you. But this time you are armed for an encounter.

We introduce a taser. Since robots work with electric streams to operate, the shock of a taser makes their brains a little dizzy, at least for the time, you need to pass by.

But just take a look:

Now a few words to the gameplay itself:

SONAR ISLANDS is a turnbased multiplayer. This means you own an island, where you make up a strong defense. And you can attack the islands of other players and steal their treasures. With a little luck you make it home with all the gold, and can grow and fortify your island, cause you can be attacked too. With the grow of wealth and wisdom, you will get more islands. And no island is similar to the other in ambience and gameplay.

This means, also the game menu is a bit more complex, than before. In the first layer you find Attack, Your island, Settings, Help, Connect and a Shop Layer. Attack is very straight forward, Settings, Help and Connect too. Deeper levels exist on “your island”. First level shows you all the islands, you can have and a sneak preview. Second level shows you the obstacles and the treasures on this specific island.

If you unlock a new island it is good to have a new treasure chest, since they fill itself with gold in time, you can collect and spend it on all islands.

So stay safe and expect a far away travel to come. SONAR ISLANDS awaits you, if it is possible again.

Funded by “AWS Impulse XS” of the BMDW, administrated by AWS.

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ashley grobler · 22. February 2021 at 9:33

Can’t wait till this game gets released. keep up the great work please

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