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Before the release of this game, there were many considerations, how to bring it to the market and at what price. From all the possibilities, we chose the solution that was the furthest away for us at the beginning. The subscription model. And we won’t hide from you why.

The whole world praises and extols accessibility and what we shouldn’t all do to make it possible. But there is no support, no prizes, no money for those who do. So accessibility remains mostly lip service from those who have officially embraced it.

Already during the implementation of additional languages of our first game FEER, we contacted numerous national associations and foundations for the blind and asked for support to enable this accessible game to have the widest possible distribution among the visually impaired. In short, we were left out in the cold by everyone. So we did it on our own risk and out of our own pocket. Some of our gamers helped out, volontarily, to iron out the biggest misspellings.

We know many of our players personally, we also know their situation and difficulties. Many can not afford our games. But we as a small developer studio can not shoulder the burden and failures that there are too few games and they are not free. This is the responsibility of other official places you need to turn to.

This game has taken two years of development, and if you don’t want to pay the price of the game, even though most of you like it, the future is clear, we have to leave this stage and look for other opportunities, as many of our colleagues have done before us.

Subscription is also the only way to adjust prices to national purchasing power, which we have done to limit injustice as much as possible worldwide. So we took a average price of US$2.99 per month, multiplied by the country’s purchasing power indices. And we find the price for a coffee in a cafe reasonable for a whole month of full access to the game. Keep in mind that gamers from wealthy countries are supporting poor gamers in African countries this way. And accessibility means, to take that into account as well.

Those who simply want to have a good game in their pocket at all times, and who also want to give special praise to the creators, can take advantage of an annual subscription. Then further development and constant updates are more likely. It is all up to you.

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