Well, where to start. We opened a new blog, this one here, to talk about our new game. To understand more we have to go back in time.

We named our company now to Mental Home e.U. and in case of asking…. Yes, developing and making a game, with all its crazyness, great ideas, set-backs, endless coding, hoping for a future is like a mental home.

Two years have gone now, since we released FEER – the game of running blind and the success and the awards proved, you all did like it. Ok, a handful of dudes liked to criticize us. We offered them help and support, and discovered, we can’t be loved by everyone.

We heavily discussed to add more themes, making events and seasonal challenges, but in the end the cage of FEER’s inner structure was too narrow, to put all into it.

You all know, hopefully, we are a small developer studio, in fact very small, just two of us, so we had to decide and count our ressources.

new game

We decided to focus on a new project. FEER will be maintained, but we want to focus on something new, more open, more expandable. And you all know the attraction of doing something new. This feels much better, than repairing the old shoes over an over.

But, audio games are different to other games, at least it is our opinion. It is not done by adding accessibilty for the visual impaired. It can be a wide field of exploration with the ears and we love to go this road again, because this difference makes another game, than already on the market.

main goals

We limited our first ideas to match some key factors: The game has to be easy to begin and hard to end. We like to offer multiplaying against each other, free movement in an open world and a lot to experience in the game. A portion of strategy for your individual taste has also to be in it. And all of that in the nutshell of a smartphone.

To learn more about the new game, come back to our news blog. Maybe we add some sound samples next time, who knows.

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