Within the next days we will release a big update.
Sonar Islands will offer connection and communication between the players in game.

The Tribes

Like in ancient times groups of people joined forces. Found your own tribe or join a friendly one. So you all can make friends now over the globe without boundaries. Get in touch with all the other Sonar Islands players. And you can chat with them about their solutions and strategies in the game, share hints and expertise.

And this is how it works:
Go to the tribes section. Join an existing tribe or if you and your friends want to found a new one.
The tribes can be open to everyone or on request. If you send a request to a tribe, you have to wait that their chief will accept it.

It is advisable to have open tribes at the beginning, later, if you find one or two new friends in a tribe, you can open a new one. Up to ten people can connect in a tribe, but a player can only be in one tribe.

Please respect each other and talk nicely. The chiefs of the tribes can ban and exclude you, if you don’t follow the rules.

All communication is server based, so be sure to have a good connection and give it a little time.

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