While the caprioles of the weather hit parts of europe these days, from unbearable heat to flooding rainfall, we keep on building for SONAR ISLANDS. And we drafted quite busy the future steps of developement.

Our big next step will be the release on Google Playstore for all Android people out there. With the end of july we hope to have it ready for the store.

Since this a bunch of work, we must delay the next island update to august. But we are sure, you all agree to have a bigger community, playing Sonar Islands is worthwhile the delay. Just think of all the newcomers and their barely protected treasure chests. A welcome loot opportunity for everyone.

To give you an insight where the whole Sonar Islands Universe will drive to, we will tell you the future steps:

The Tribes

For now, you had to explore and attack the numerous islands on your own. We will offer the possibility to connect and communicate in tribes. This will be a big step to get your new or old friends together and collaborate. We will implement a chat feature and everyone can join a tribe, if accepted by the tribe leader. Later will come

Special Events, Missions and Challenges

A lot of players have already upgraded their islands, seen every corner of the islands, beaten the hardest enemy islands. In late Autumn we will start to introduce the battle of tribes against each other, later special seasonal events and missions. Some will crown the looting heroes, some missions will be more subtile and bring up other queens and kings. Some missions will require intelligence, some a well trained charakter. Along this road we will release

More Language Versions

Since we discovered, players feel more comfortable in playing in their mother tongue, we will follow their requests. Dealing with impairement is already a energy consuming challenge, so we want to ease the way into gameplay, a little more. And last not least we will implement

Accessibility Features

for those, we have to deal with more than just visual impairement. A haptic feedback for better locating should be a great help, also we want to experiment with additional input controllers for those with motoric disabilities.

Well, that is what we decided to expand the Sonar Universe, we keep you on track of the release dates, don’t nail us on specific release dates, we just draw the road, we are going to walk with you and we do not know all obstacles in our way.

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Claudio Garanzini · 14. August 2021 at 17:08

Hi guys! First of all, a bunch of congratulations for your great game; it’s very addicting and I love it, really. This is my game of all time; I’m using the Android version and it’s fantastic! I simply love, and really love, the sounds you put in this game; the great gameplay mechanics and the efferts you give in this great game. I’m from Venice, Italy, and I’ll continue playing this game for ever because it’s the best game I’ve ever installed in my phones. Thanks a lot for giving us this great opportunity of playing a super audiogame like this. Bye for now. P.s.: Sorry for my bad English! :-))

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