Imagine, what electric circuits are doing right this moment, you are reading this post. First we have our brain, where bioelectricity with shooting neurons try to grasp all available information from your senses. Intermediate is your smartphone, tablet or computer absorbing electric bits and bytes from a place far in this world.

In this invisible world of electric streams we placed our new game. Like coalminers, we climb up and down manwholes in the dark, wiring connectors, installing signal amplifiers, setting data boundaries and adding acoustic clues behind the scenes and we found the invisible islands.

In fact these islands formed long time ago, but were invisible. The forefathers called them SONAR ISLANDS. Due to the constitution of their founders everyone lived on his own island. All islanders took take care of their invisible island and protected it against foreign influences. A invisible paradise, but to make contact and show their paradise, they transmitted audio messages.

Next time, we tell you about the concept of islands, so save our blog here and come back, not to miss something

Funded by “AWS Impulse XS” of the BMDW, administrated by AWS.

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