As already known from the earlier posts, in SONAR ISLANDS you live on an invisible island. You keep an eye on your gold and protect your island with obstacles to make it hard for intruders.

But curiosity drives you to know more about the whole universe of the islands. So you have to hit the road and attac some other island. There you have to look for the treasures to loot and find your way back home, hopefully with pockets full of gold.

On all the islands you can walk around freely and experience the sounds and tastes. All islands are surounded by the sea, which limits your free spirit a little. But keep in mind headphones are not waterproof and the game would be over to soon.

With experience, comes more. More islands, you own. And every island has its own flavour. Some are sweet, like the jungle, some are hostile, like the vulcano some make fun, like the funfair, some are challenging, like the machine hall.

The temple island

To give you an idea, we’d like to take you for a walk, we start in an ancient temple in a cave, where the forefathers swore on the constitution of Sonar Island.

Next time we explore another island, i’ll wait for suggestions. So stay with us and bookmark our news.

Funded by “AWS Impulse XS” of the BMDW, administrated by AWS.

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